Irelands Own-thumbI’ve always loved writing short stories and am delighted to have had some published in Woman’s Way, Woman’s Realm and Ireland’s Own

Ireland’s Own was a big part of my childhood. Its history articles always provided a window to the past (I still love history) and its song words that came on green sheets in the middle of the magazine each week were squirreled away and the songwords learned off for house-to-house Hallowe’en excursions.  A group of us went out each October 31st singing and playing accordion and rehearsals started as early as August in Hannan’s barn.  It is not known if any livestock’s ears were unduly harmed in the making of the music…

I was thrilled, in 1997, to win the Ireland’s Own Short Story Competition with a story called  Fond Farewell – a story about a man who is unaware of how a neighbour helped him until it may be too late to thank him.  Click here to read the story.



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