June 25, 2013 Margaret

Stethoscope on keyboardWant to know the top 20 things I’ve learned after writing a health column for 11 years?  If so, read on.


  1. The human body is an awesome invention
  2. Doctors are ordinary mortals too
  3. Exercise is fundamental to good health – we were built to move and all sorts of things happen if we don’t
  4. There isn’t a pill for every ill
  5. There are the healthy, the sick and the worried well
  6. * * *

  7. Acceptance of a condition makes it easier to manage
  8. You have to work at your mental health
  9. There is dissatisfaction with every health service in the world
  10. Eating food as close as possible to its natural state is best
  11. Fish oils are good for many things
  12. * * *

  13. If there isn’t plenty of colour on your plate your dinner isn’t well-balanced
  14. Farm accidents change lives – so many people regret not thinking safety first
  15. Medication can save lives but some people are on too much of it and don’t get it reviewed often enough
  16. Pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in many patient support groups
  17. Antibiotics are precious and shouldn’t be taken lightly
  18. * * *

  19. Admission of mistakes is best in the long run
  20. Men tend to skip over the painful bits when talking about their illness
  21. Expectations (of health services) are rising all the time
  22. Many men have fear of doctors’ surgeries and hospitals due to negative experiences as children and therefore put off life-saving check-ups
  23. Sometimes it’s the family, not elderly, ill people themselves who want the tests and medical interventions done.

* * * *



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